The Last Weekend to See: Sending and Receiving at Currents New Media 2018 by Julie Conquest

Closing weekend of Currents New Media is upon us! In celebration and anticipation, here are a few stellar images by the intrepid Pete Trachy from opening weekend:

An installation becomes alive when people discover it. What has been a space of concentration and contemplation breaths with new visitors and their reactions. In Santa Fe, I was moved by the laughter and looks of surprise when a familiar place was named. People generally took to sharing the installation together. Countless couples as well as children with parents held one another as they became immersed in darkness with a single penlight to illuminate the web. Friends would leave and return a few hours later pulling another friend along who hadn't yet had the experience. 

I think the greatest thing about immersive work is the moment that it comes alive with people to experience it. On that note, I hope you can stop in for the last weekend of Currents New Media in Santa Fe this weekend if you can!