Whereas- A declaration of Place

An Interactive Photography and Mapping Installation for Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco 

The year is 2011. The Mission District of San Francisco is changing very quickly. Led by artist Rene Yung, Whereas- A Declaration of Place explores notion of belonging and community through a collection of statements of place made by residents, photographs of hands holding meaningful objects, and mapping day to day routes. These elements were then brought into Southern Exposure and visitors were invited to engage with the project by sharing their own declarations and maps. Through the declarations individual truths are combined to create a collective truth, the series of hands holding objects shows the objects that connect community to place, and finally the maps show the lines that we share as we move throughout the neighborhood everyday. Combined this piece provides an homage to the local and the importance it has amidst times of global change.  

Pictured below are elements of this interdisciplinary project installed at Southern Exposure in April of 2011. Many thanks to Rene Yung for her leadership with this project.