I Am, You Are, is an experiential refraction chamber that questions how perceptions we hold of ourselves impact one another. In order to have this experience, visitors to the installation approach a wooden box via a step ladder. By stepping up the ladder, the visitor eventually is directly underneath a round opening through which sound and light emanate. Upon stepping upward to look into the opening, the visitor is immersed in a square space of reflective surfaces and tiny mirrors. Two things happen in this moment: first the visitor has the feeling of being small and two the movement of the mirrors above their head creates a disorienting feeling that the world is moving.

In this space, a nine minute audio compilation plays of what people see when they look in a mirror at themselves. This moment, alone in the chamber, invites visitors to reflect and be reflected, all while listening to the allusions others have about their own faces. This installation engages with self perception and social affect in a mediated and meditative environment. Below is video documentation of the installation recorded in February 2018 at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas.