I create immersive installations using experimental documentary methods that juxtapose the mundane and the extraordinary in unexpected ways. My specialty is developing collaborative projects that incorporate community participation through multiple mediums using techniques such as mapping, photography, sound recording, and video. Substantial recent works include an ethnography with women living on the road throughout the American West, a documentary about the dreams of passengers on the Staten Island Ferry, and immersive installations featuring Craigslist Missed Connections postings throughout the United States. I celebrate where art and ethnographic practices merge and oscillate and turn upside down.

Currently I teach the Sensory Sound Workshop, a program combining sound recording, sensors, and installation design at the Contemporary Austin. Additionally I have taught courses at the University of Texas at Austin and digital storytelling workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a PhD in Cultural Forms from the University of Texas at Austin. In the classroom I strive to inspire and fascinate, posing questions rooted in lesser-told stories and the everyday.

I am moved by sudden Texas storms, every hill in San Francisco, the smell of Big Sur, reflections of light on water in Amsterdam, the ever-so-kind people of New York City, and infinite Oregon evergreens. I am currently working to sustain moments where poetry meets art and musical weather systems celebrate curious people who take chances.

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