Hear, Here

Participatory Sound Installation Produced as Artist-in-Residence for Screening Scholarship Media Festival at the University of Pennsylvania  

Each place contains capacity, a multitude of registers that collectively inform our experiences. Is it possible to orchestrate the cacophony of a place by carefully attuning to singular layers of audio-visual experience? Hear, Here is an experiential sound installation that heightens awareness of the variety of dimensions we register as contributing to our understanding of place through a walk with each installation artist present at the Screening Scholarship Media Festival. Consisting of a series of five-minute binaural recordings accessed online with headphones, this work invites each visitor to join the artists on a walk attuned to a particular dimension such as colors, lines, or sounds. Visitors will choose to activate one or more dimensions, thereby orchestrating their own cacophony of a place. This site specific work was created while working as a UPenn Artist in Residence during the 2015 festival. 

Hear, Here

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