Currents New Media 2018 / by Julie Conquest


After three days of install, the installation Sending and Receiving is finally up for Currents New Media Festival! I first visited this festival in 2016 and found it to be the most inspiring collection of New Media art I have ever seen in the United States. Two years later, I am truly honored to a be a part of the festival with Sending & Receiving, an interactive installation that first began in Austin, Texas in 2014. Four years later, working with a new set of Craigslist Missed Connections and custom-made light activated sound modules, I am really grateful for the time and the space to see a project through to a more refined iteration. What is more, I can't wait to have my mind blown by the projects I see taking shape around me. Many thanks to Mariannah Amster and Frank Ragano for steadily building such an incredible festival and community!