Collaborating when the cold winds blow... / by Julie Conquest

One evening in Austin, the great Nathan S. Duncan and I set out at sunset to drive to West Texas. First we stopped off at an unnamed corporate craft store and got lost in their fake flowers for a bit. I do not recommend this activity before an eight hour drive. But, fortunately the miles passed quickly as there was plenty to discuss. We were headed out to make some kind of post-apocalyptic music video for the band Wae. Nathan had a vision and I was along to help as some kind of tourist on the edge of things.

In the days that followed, I became very ill and a sudden flash freeze overtook the Marfa area while a dust storm blew in. Needless to say conditions became quite challenging, but still we prevailed. Nathan managed to fly the drone in high winds and I braved the freezing temperatures to look mellow. All in all, it was an exercise in making the best of chance and circumstance and I am proud of the kaleidoscopic ride that ensued.