Sensory Sound WOrkshop

β€œTo experiment is at first more valuable than to produce; free play in the beginning develops courage.” Josef Albers

Have you ever wondered if there were more ways to interact with sound than we generally do through our headphones or stereo speakers? The Sensory Sound Workshop is an ongoing course I created for The Contemporary Austin Art School. Through teaching an introduction to field recording, sensor activated sound modules, and installation design, we explore how sounds can be maneuvered in space.


Sound Recording

The workshop begins with an introduction to field recording and sound art. We listen to the work of prominent artists such as Janet Cardiff, Susan Philipsz, and Christine Sun Kim and using field recorders go out make collages of world around us. At this stage, we focus on our relationship to sound as individuals. 


Sensor Activated Sound Modules

During the middle of the workshop we turn to working with small sound modules that are activated by touch, sound, light, and even vibration to explore how can sounds be experienced in space? What happens when we take personal sounds and begin to make them public?


Sound Installation 

Each workshop culminates with a collaborative sound installation that explores how sounds can be interacted with in space. Working together we build installations from individually recorded sound collages located on light, touch, and sound activated sensors. Taking the idea of the labyrinth as our point of departure, we create a sound installation that requires engagement of the participant. We conclude with an opening of our installation for friends and family.